How to create a modern bridal look with pearls

How to Create a Modern Bridal Look With Pearls

Every woman has dreams and pre-conceived ideas about how they will look on their wedding. It’s the happiest and most romantic day of your life, so special attention needs to be paid to both your dress and the way that you choose to accessorise it.

While many opt for a timeless look, other brides want to create something that is modern and resonates with their own personal style.

You might think that pearls can’t be used for modern bridal looks thanks to their timeless qualities but there are a number of ways that you can accessorise your dress with pearls for a truly contemporary look.

Read on for our suggestions on how to create a modern bridal look with pearls.

Modern Wedding Dress with Pearls

Get inventive with colours

White symbolises purity and innocence which is the reason why is has become synonymous with bridal wear. While many still choose a dress and accessories that fit into a neutral colour palette, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with colour and breaking from convention, especially if you want your look to be really modern.

These Odyssey Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Earrings look stunning teamed with a white or cream dress and are the perfect way to add a modern feel to your outfit. Thanks to their dangling style they also look great if you are choosing to wear your hair up.

Moss coloured bouquets are extremely popular at the moment, so why not match your flowers to your accessories? Having a colour palette that runs throughout your wedding will ensure that your pictures look good.

Play around with your necklace length

Most brides will choose a necklace that sits perfectly on their chest, but if you are looking to achieve a more modern look, why not get a bit more creative with the length of your necklace? Simple, strapless dresses look great with necklaces because it means that there isn’t too much going on at once.

This Long Multi-coloured Pearl Rope Necklace comes with a variety pearls in lavender, white and peach shades so works well with different coloured dresses, too.

Modern Bridal Look Pearl Necklace

Layer up your bracelets

If your personal style tends to be slightly bohemian, it’s likely that you love to layer up your jewellery, especially bracelets. It’s your wedding, so ensure that you look and feel like yourself by wearing all your usual, everyday pieces and add a sense of occasion with the help of this Lavender Keshi Pearl Bracelet.