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For us the pearl is more than a gem. It's a symbol of what we’re made of.

Alive with purpose - Every pearl is unique. It is the only organic and sustainable living gem born of Mother Nature where beauty takes time to form, endurance and strength to grow. There is an incredible depth and sensuality to our pearls that links them to you for life and makes them highly personal and special.

Welcome to Pearl-Lang Jewellery
Unique As You Are
Look and Feel Beautiful Every Day

Pearl-Lang was born from a passion to express feminine power and an obsession to create the most beautiful fine pearl jewellery for today's women.

Each piece is expertly crafted for adding that empowering radiance and luminous glow to your style.

Why Are We here?

To Deliver Value and Make You Smile

We set out to deliver something that no one had done before and believed that with enough hard work and creativity, we could bring the most extraordinary pearls to our customers.

Why We Are Different

We have built Pearl-Lang on a vision that every woman should enjoy this precious gem in its finest quality. For every piece we create, we ask how it will be unique, inspire women to feel good, and help them express their personality and individuality with confidence. Each creation embodies modern femininity, beauty and strength.

Very few people know how many different varieties of pearls, shapes and colours are out there. We’re extremely proud that through our expertise we’re able to bring transparency to the industry and empower our customers with knowledge about these gems that would help them make the right choice.

A Brand New Approach

Rather than designing a collection and finding the pearls to fit, we find the best pearls and design around them. From the classic round to one-of-a-kind baroque shapes, and the astonishingly beautiful shades of white, pink, green, grey, gold and many more, we carry the finest freshwater, akoya, South Sea and Tahitian pearls, and each piece is designed especially for you.