Our Pearls

Our Pearls

Only the finest gem quality pearls are selected for our jewellery.

A Search for Extraordinary Beauty

Did you know that we need to sort through around 10,000 pearls just to find the 50 matching ones for a 16-inch pearl necklace? The search for the most beautiful pearls requires remarkable skills, experience and patience.

Our Pearls - Excellent Pearl Lustre
We are specialised in pearl sourcing
In-House Expertise

A genuine commitment to quality. We take pride in our stringent pearl selection process. Only the finest pearls, a mere 1% of the pearl harvest, are selected for Pearl-Lang jewellery.

Each pearl is carefully hand picked by our expert pearl graders and gemologists based on the seven GIA value factors of lustre, size, shape, colour, nacre, surface, and matching.

Superior Quality

Excellent Pearl Lustre

Lustre is the most important factor to consider when judging the quality of a pearl. All of our pearls are of the highest lustre quality, ranging from "Very good" to "Excellent", the top two lustre grades defined by GIA.

Clean Surface with Thick Nacre

The quality of nacre directly impacts the value of a pearl and a flawless one is extremely rare to find. All of our pearls have excellent nacre and surface quality that makes them lustrous and durable.

Exciting Shapes & Colours

Our amazing collections are meticulously made with a wide range of pearls that have exciting natural colours and shapes, which go beyond the boundaries of the typical styles you're familiar with.

Nature's only sustainable gem

Working in Harmony with Nature

A pearl's quality and beauty is intrinsically influenced by the waters in which it grows. We are continually humbled by our environment and are proud to only work with ethical and environmentally responsible pearl farms around the world.