Bridesmaid Gifts Shopping Tips

Bridesmaid Gifts Shopping Tips

Shopping for bridesmaid gifts can be tricky. Brides are often stuck in one-gift-fits-all situations or facing the dilemma of how much to spend on these presents. The truth is your bridesmaids deserve much more than just the simple keychain or a makeup bag. The days of gifting everyone the same thing are long gone. But before jumping in and deciding what to get, there are a couple of points you should keep in mind.

First, there’s no rule of getting ever girl the same present. In fact, it would be more thoughtful to give each girl a different gift but all within the same price range. They will feel more appreciative when they know you’ve put in a lot of effort in choosing their gifts.

Consider what you’ve asked financially of your bridesmaids. Are you having an overseas wedding where they will be spending a lot of money on flights and hotels? Have you asked them to buy their own dresses or shoes? Make sure you spend an appropriate amount on their gifts that will not otherwise be seen as ungracious.

The third point you may want to think about is the gift itself. While it might be easier to pick something bridal, it won’t get used after your big day is over. So make sure your gift is multi-functional and can be used or worn after the wedding.

Examples of unique bridesmaid gift ideas may include silk scarves, scented candles and sushi-making kits. A jewellery gift such as silver pearl pendant necklace is ideal as it serves the purposes of both adornment and keepsake. Bridesmaid bracelets with baroque pearls are extremely versatile and more fun to wear for both formal and informal occasions.

For your maid or matron of honor, find something extra special as she’s your biggest supporter and has been by your side for all the ups and downs of wedding planning. Creative ideas such as a beauty makeover and photo shoot or a gift certificate to her favourite restaurant will be very much appreciated.

Although the gifts for bridesmaids are often presented at the rehearsal dinner, many brides choose to distribute the presents on the day of the wedding or shortly afterwards. A handwritten thank-you note and a special lunch gathering are also considered essential.